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Study Lenses Demo

A repository of demo content for the Study Lenses offline-first learning environment, it shows both what Study lenses can do and different ways of organizing content. Learn more about the ideas behind Study Lenses right here.

Explore the content locally:

  1. git clone git@github.com:colevandersWands/study-lenses-demo.git && cd study-lenses-demo
  2. npm install
  3. two options:
    • to save your changes for later: npm run study
    • to preserve the current content: npm run demo:local
  4. two more options:
    • explore the content directly
    • check out the guide by replacing ?--defaults in your URL ?--help

Or explore the demo online, you just won't be able to save your changes for more than 5 minutes. It also may be slow to start up or load. And if you see Cannot GET, try waiting a few seconds and refreshing.

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